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Straight No Chaser


A few years ago (I want to say three, but it was probably more like four or five), my friend Marc Masferrer posted this video on Facebook.


I was instantly in love. Perhaps it had to do with my inner Afro-Cuban (because one look at my ASSets and you’ll be convinced there’s African in me) or the Kenyans I was so completely at home with. Whatever the reason, this song and this group became something very special for me.

And I wished that one day I might get the chance to see them live.

Every year Mami always takes my sister and I to a live show. Usually it’s a musical of some kind. This year, I asked if we could see Straight No Chaser.

Today is the day.

Can I tell you? I’m out of my skin excited.

And one day, I am totally going to celebrate Christmas in Africa (and when I say “Africa,” I mean mean Kenya.)