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Kikita and the Beautiful Espuma


This morning was just like any other morning.

In fact, the only thing really different about this morning is what a hard time I had waking up.

And, just like any other morning, I did not pass “GO” and I did not collect $200. I went directly for the cafetera and started making my café.

Just like any other morning, it was Taka Taka Time.

But today was suddenly different.

Today the espuma (SEE: foam) was perfect.

And I remembered a conversation with a Certain Stubborn Bear (aka O.D. Churroman) that went like this:
O.D. Churroman: Did you explain that I taught you how to make café?
Me: You did not! I already knew how to make café before I met you!
O.D. Churroman: Yeah, but I taught you how to make espuma.
Me: Did NOT! I already knew that, too!
O.D. Churroman: I taught you how to make it GOOD. You have learned well.
Me: Hmph.

This morning I smiled at the memory, shared the beautiful cuban coffee with my friends, and continued on with my day.

When I checked back in a bit later, one of my friends (who knows nothing of Mr. Churroman) had said this: You have learned well.

I guess there is just no escaping it…

Thank you, O.D. Churroman.
I could never have done this without you. 😉


Adventures with Kids


Him: My kids and roommates are gone for the next 24 hours… Granted, the last time my kids were gone one of them got a bloody nose and I hda to go pick them up.
Me: Don’t worry, I know about adventures with kids.
Him: How?

I am the oldest of four. I’m 12 years older than the youngest. I take care of my 97 year old grandmother. Having my plans abruptly change because of someone is not a foreign concept to me. Just because I don’t have my own kids, doesn’t mean I don’t get it.

What I don’t get is how so many parents are so surprised that I get it.
Let’s just call it a gift and leave it at that, ok?

Sooo… after enjoying a mellow morning and some much needed Taka Taka Time, the phone finally connected to the kids. And, those kids were around the corner. (!!!)

After a 45-second scramble and freakout, it became evident that “escape” was not an option.

I was then instructed to sit on the couch while he handled the situation.

Unfortunately for him (and luckily for me), the kids weren’t staying; 6 minutes later, they were gone. Of course he was upset. And I had no idea what my role was in that moment. Sharing café is not the same thing as sharing a seriously difficult life moment. How do you offer comfort and support to a friend when the line of friendship was never all that clear to begin with? I offered a hug, he got up and put a table between us. I asked if he wanted to talk about it, he said no. I (sort of) offered to leave and he said I didn’t have to.

So I sat quietly and waited.

After a few minutes, he started talking and I just listened. Because, really, there is nothing one can say. No words offer comfort. It is just a hard moment. The best part about hard moments is that they always pass. So once the initial shock and pain were passing, the laughing about the absurdity of me attempting to escape started, “We’ll have to come up with an escape route for you for next time… just in case.”

I knew he was kidding, but the girl in me only heard “next time.”

AHA! He plans on doing this again! (Really, why wouldn’t he?)

Once we were sitting on the couch again, he asked what I thought about him going to check on the other kid, because he was worried.

I told him I didn’t know his situation well enough to offer an opinion yet.

Him: Yet? HA! So, once you do, you’ll tell me? You’re so honest! It’s rad.

Obviously, I’m not the only one who only hears one word.