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Kikita on New Year’s Resolutions




What was so bad about last year that needs resolving? (Don’t answer that.)

In my opinion, here are the problems with New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Looking back… You base your resolutions on things you don’t like about the year before. Admirable, but how is focusing on the negatives from the year before going to help you be positive in the new year?
2. It’s a set up! You give yourself such high things to aspire to and will only hate yourself more when you can’t acheive them.
3. Who can remember that much? Let’s say you keep your list short and only make 3-5 resolutions. Life happens, will you remember all of those things in 6 months?

Who wants this kind of pressure? Not Kikita,  I can tell you that much.

“But, Kikita! don’t you have goals? Or some way to differentiate between one year and the next? How can you not make resolutions?!?”

Yes, I do.

It’s called “One Little Word.

I learned it from Ali Edwards*.

“And what do you do with this one little word? You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities.” ~ Ali Edwards

You pick a word and it becomes a sort of mantra. It is your answer to everything. A sort of mantra. It can be something you want to be more of, something you want to be less of, something you used to be and want to get back to.

Last year my word was AMAZING, but I told everyone else my word was YES. (I was feel rather saucy the day someone asked.)

So really, I had two words…. *shrug*
It’s a Gemini thing.

How can you fail yourself with just a word?
You can’t.
So you’re already setting yourself up for success.

Besides, if you say something enough to yourself, eventually you’ll believe it.
This may be hard to fathom, but there was a time when I did not find myself amazing. O_O
Now? Just about everyone I know finds me amazing. (Some more than others.)
In fact, it is almost annoying how amazed some people are by me.
And I am amazing because I chose to be. Not because I was trying to resolve something from the year before.

And one (or, as in my case, two) word is a whole lot easier to remember than a list of things like “Go to the gym more.”

So maybe I need to pick two words again for this year… and you know what’s great? You can keep your words from last year if you’d like.
I KNOW I will have amazing moments this year.

The words I’ve chosen for 2012 are…

BRAVE: Bold, Intrepid, Daring, Dauntless, Heroic. BRAVE, courageous, valiant, fearless, gallant  refer to confident bearing in the face of difficulties or dangers. BRAVE is the most comprehensive: it is especially used of that confident fortitude or daring that actively faces and endures anything threatening.

SHINE: Glow, Glisten, Glimmer, Sparkle, Shimmer

I’m sure some people might think that I already am these things, but I want to really focus on them this year.
I want to have adventures.
And I believe that every day life can be an adventure if you let it.


*Ok, Mami learned it from Ali Edwards and shared the idea. I read up on it, tried it last year, and loved it.


La Vie en Rose OR Kikita’s Happy New Year


I didn’t really want to go to Palm Springs.

Ok, yes I did… sort of.

I thought it would be fun. Until I had this long week that kept getting longer and then all I wanted was to stay home, alone.

And I didn’t think it would happen.

I had heard my abuela would be home. Which is fine. She just watches the ball drop and then goes to bed, but I was a little embarrassed to have anyone witness me doing all of my silly traditions.

So, because I wasn’t entirely sure how my New Year’s Eve 2011 was going to go, I decided to begin celebrating early. So I went to dinner with a buddy of mine who had also had a long and hard week. We went out for Cuban food because he’s nice and knows how much I like it (and because EVERYONE loves Cuban food – it’s delicious). And then we went dancing. Well… we went to a local place that plays salsa and bachata music, but we didn’t dance much because it was stupid crowded and neither one of us really felt like dancing anyway. (However, I DID run into my timbales teacher and we danced a salsa – he is what I like to call a “stop motion dancer” and I had a tough time following him, especially since he was trying to dance “on 2,” and worried that he was judging me and thinking, “Damn, esta Cubana doesn’t have any rhythm so I have my work cut out for me – and later we danced a cha cha. Since I knew he was an “on 2” dancer I knew he would be fun for a cha cha and I had no other options because I am picky about who I cha cha with and my favorite person wasn’t there and the 2 other people I tolerate were also not there.)

Anyway, I left early, went home, and watched TV until I fell asleep.

Today I woke up with a splitting headache. It was practically a repeat of Halloween and I was less than thrilled. So I spent most of the day in bed which was what I had planned on doing anyway, but now it was because my head hurt.

Around 6pm I decided that I needed to take a shower and at least attempt to feel human again. My Aunt Alina (I call her “Aunta”) was on abuela patrol, but abuela was demanding to stay home until midnight and watch the ball drop. So we sat and chatted and I decided it was time for some evening Taka Taka. By the time I was finished making the café, I was feeling better and abuela had decided she was tired and ready to go.

As I set the red tacita on the table for abuela, I noticed there was a giant rose in a vase from the Gemini rose bush I bought for her years ago.
And the chicken salad (that is cute, but looks unedible) she makes every year had a red flower on it instead of her usual clock almost at midnight.
And this year the grapes were red.
And the little bottle of champagne I had bought for myself was called “Rose  Regale.”

And she referred to Aunta as her “Red Rose.” (I had never heard that before.)
I don’t believe in coincidence.
And I have no idea what all this rose stuff means, but it makes me hopeful for 2012. I am sure it means SOMETHING. And I get to spend the whole year finding out what!

And since every year I have a theme song, I have chosen THIS as my theme song for 2012. (or maybe it chose me?)

Because I couldn’t wait for my “Vie en Rose” to start, I celebrated “On Cuban Time” at 9pm.
I dressed up.
I wore the orange with hot pink lace white polka-dotted thong instead of yellow or red.
I ate grapes.
I toasted with my rose champagne and said “El año que viene, estamos en Cuba.”

(Please forgive the blurriness and try not to blame the champagne. Let’s blame the running around like a crazy person and trying to document the moment instead.)

I ran outside with a bag over my shoulder and all the way to my mailbox to put money inside (in 5″ sparky heels, no less).
I didn’t have a bucket of dirty water handy because I didn’t mop the floors so instead I took a couple of used coffee cups from this morning, filled them with water, and dumped that water out.

I’m leaving the bag outside and the money in the mailbox until morning.

I came back inside, changed into yoga pants, and played my timbales for an hour.

I am successfully Kikitiando my way through another New Year’s Eve.

Plus, look who made a guest appearance tonight?

A Traditional Cuban New Year’s Eve . . . Kikita Style


This year, I was faced with a bit of a dilemma as to how to handle my New Year’s Eve.

Usually I enjoy being alone and celebrating with all the classic Cuban traditions. I eat twelve grapes, run outside with a suitcase, put money in my mailbox, wear yellow underwear (or am I supposed to wear red? I can never remember and usualy end up wearing both), dump a bucket of water out the front door, and toast to the New Year saying “El año que viene, estamos en Cuba.”

I have done the “alone” thing for years. I get all dolled up and then crack myself up trying to get all the New Year’s “business” finished in the first minute of the new year.

But I was feeling like I wanted to go OUT. I wanted to be dancing. I had no desire to kiss anyone… (in fact, I’ve never kissed anyone at Midnight on New Year’s and I knd of like it that way) I just wanted to dance!

I spent most of the day cleaning. I cleaned everything. I even mopped and saved the dirty water!

And I came up with a win-win plan: Celebrate New Year’s Eve on Cuban Time the Cuban way and then go dancing and not kiss anyone!


I was ready with my grapes and champagne and suitcase and yellow panties and at Midnight Miami Time I was cracking myself up and running around doing my thing. Afterwards, I got ready and went dancing. And since I was going to do things MY way, I switched out the two pairs of panties (one yellow and one red) for orange with white polka-dots and hot pink lace. (Hey, why not?)

I went to a nearby dance place (because I am not a fan people who drink and drive and I figured the less time I had to be on the road, the better) and found some fun people to dance with. At midnight, the gentleman I had been dancing with, much to his credit, did not try to kiss me and as soon as the next song started we were back on the dance floor.

Basically, my night was exactly what I hoped it would be which means this next year will be too, right?