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Bright Yellow.


I am so happy to have friends like him.

I was already looking forward to a great Saturday night, alone.
I knew exactly what I was getting into and I was happy about it.

And then he walked in, wearing yellow of all colors.
Bright yellow.

Yellow is almost as cool as orange. I mean, it’s in the “colors that make Kikita happy” group after orange and red.

He’s my friend, so I think nothing of dancing with him. It’s safe and comfortable. It’s familiar and fun.
And, suddenly, it’s hot… and getting hotter.
And we’re going to bachata now, too?

The last song I remember dancing with him before he disappeared for the night (which, he’ll later admit, was because he had to go home and take a cold shower) will forever remind me of him and his bright yellow shirt.

The next night, I find out that a close friend of mine has a serious crush on him.
And that song is one of her all-time favorites.

What are the odds?

I guess I should consider myself lucky to have had that dance with him… But, really, I consider him the lucky one because he got to do a cha cha with ME.