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The Art of the Ninja


When one is a creep magnet, it is probably a good idea to know how to kick a creep’s ass (or at least how to make a quick getaway) should the occasion ever arise. Odds are that simply having the knowledge will help to de-magnetize one from creeps and will never actually have to use such knowledge, but still… a golden goddess can never be too careful, right?

Besides, what could be more Kikita than becoming a ninja?

Luckily, my friend, The Ninja, was willing to spend an hour with me and show me the basics.

First we spent about 30 minutes watching YouTube videos so that I could take a deeper look into the world I was about to step into.

I was amazed.
And super excited.

My friend, The Ninja: If you really decide to take this seriously and go for it, look at where you can go.

Where we went was to a nearby park.

And I learned the basics.

My friend, The Ninja, seemed a little surprised that I was such a willing student.

My friend, The Ninja: I could teach you how to roll, but most people learn that on a mat first.
Me: Oh? Not on slightly damp, leafy, uneven ground covered in twigs and rocks?
My friend, The Ninja: Exactly. So if you would rather skip that…
Me: Hell no! I am learning how to roll.
My friend, The Ninja: I like your attitude.

So I learned how to roll like a ninja.

Of course I got bruised.

And covered in leaves.

It was glorious.

Maybe it sounds a little cliché… (ok, maybe it sounds REALLY cliché), but I felt like I “got it.”

There’s so much more to it than just learning moves.

It’s about balance.
Physical Balance.
Emotional Balance.
And, yes, Spiritual Balance.

I felt so lucky to be a student of this ancient art form out at a park… it almost felt like I was more centered and grounded because of it.

As we were leaving the park and I was processing what I had just been through, an old man walked up to us and asked if we had been practicing yoga. He was holding yellow prayer beads and had an accent that I couldn’t place until he said, “There is an old French proverb … Vie des jeunes sur l’espoir, la vieillesse sur le souvenir… Youth lives on hope, old age on remembrance. Enjoy being able to move as well as you do now because I can’t move the way I used to.

Oh, I am, sir.

But, considering it was a FRENCH man with YELLOW beads… the magic was almost too much for me.

It was like God was saying: You are EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be.