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O.D. Churroman and French Toast a lo Cubano


I love churros.


I used to have a date with myself on Friday nights where I would go to Disneyland for a churro and a coke and then just sit and people watch. Sometimes I’d catch a parade, too. Sometimes I’d ride a ride or two. Sometimes I’d just walk around. But I always had a churro. I went for the churros.

And then I learned that Cuban churros are not the same as the churros that are sold at the Magic Kingdom. They are not as crunchy or as long. They don’t have the same taste. And Cuban churros don’t have cinnamon on them, just sugar.

Plus, you’re supposed to eat them with thick hot chocolate.  You know the saying “We go together like peas and carrots“? Well, in Cuban the saying is “We go together like churros and chocolate.”

Having learned about these churros, I was dying to try them, but here in Southern California they are impossible to come by. The only place to get them is from the kitchen of a Cuban who knows how to make them.

I found myself in Miami for a few days before going to Cuba. And some close friends of mine took me to have my first churros con chocolate in Hialeah. (Basically, it doesn’t get much more Cuban than that.)

Months later, I would be craving them again. So I asked Mami to make them… in August, which (apparently) is just not done.
Me: Mami, can you make churros?
Mami: Churros are a winter thing!
Me: Ok.

Me: I really want churros, but Mami says they’re a winter thing.
A Certan Stubborn Bear that shall hereafter be referred to as O.D. Churroman: She’s right, they’re usually a winter thing, but I’ll make you churros if you want. Nobody’s churros are as good as mine.

Of course, it didn’t happen. O.D. Churroman and I lost touch. Life moved on. And it was winter again. And I asked Mami for churros. And churros didn’t happen. And then Mr. O.D. Churroman showed up again, in January, and I still wanted churros.

He made me churros.
Not just any churros, either.
These were special.
He remembered that I was a lactard (SEE: Lactose Intolerant) and made the churros with Lactaid.
They were the best churros I’ve ever had.

In March, he made them again. And taught me how. And showed me his secret ingredient. And then we burned them.
In September things got complicated and came to an abrupt halt.

I asked Mami to make churros again because I can’t remember the measurements O.D. Churroman told me.
She said she would. And she also told me about an idea she had for Cuban-style French Toast using Crema de Vie (SEE: Cuban Egg Nog) instead of just eggs and milk. It sounded great, but (like the churros) it didn’t happen.

I haven’t made French toast since I was maybe 6 years old and my father was explaining to me how to do it, but I am being BRAVE this year.

I pulled out the Crema de Vie, bread, a frying pan, and I got to work.

“Work” is putting it loosely, it was one of the easiest things I’ve tried to make.

Mami had wanted to make it with Cuban bread leftover from Christmas.
I didn’t have any, so I used sourdough.

I can’t tell you how delicious it was.
Crema de Vie is a winter thing, (especifically Christmas), but if I crave French Toast a lo Cubano in August, I’m going to make it.

The Cuban French Toast definitely helped with my craving, but I can’t help it…

I still want churros.


I’m Jazzed.


How to properly KIKITIAR your way through a Disneyland Day:

1. Wake up to happy music (perhaps some fun Latin Jazz, otherwise Michael Franti’s “Say Hey” should do the trick).

2. Have breakfast in The Park.

Obviously, once you’ve eaten, the world really will seem like a magical place and you find yourself thinking, “This is my playground!” (If you are not feeling this then you may need to chase down the espresso and cinnamon roll with a Coca-Cola Classic.)

Yes, you are in a giant playground, but running really is not recommended. Take your time. Savor it.
Keep your eyes and ears open. There are few things more exciting than randomly bursting into giggles because of an overhead conversation. (Not running is also a really fabulous idea if your footwear is not conducive to much more than walking.)

No, you don’t have all day. So, what do you do? Holiday Stuff like watching carolers and riding any ride that has been holiday-ed-out and maybe visit a couple of your favorite places . . .

Remember, it’s a day to stroll through the park. So, if you see something happening at Carnation plaza it is likely it will be worth your while to stop by and watch. They just might play your favorite Christmas songs . . . (like THIS one)

Filled with the happiness that comes from being in the happiest place on earth and having just listened to some fun and jazzy Christmas music, it is VITAL to participate in one of the BEST games ever. The game is called “Happy Birthday-ing People.” The object of this game is to find as many people as you can wearing the big button that tells you it’s their birthday. Now, you COULD just say “Happy Birthday” to them, but it is not truly kikitiando unless you include their name (which is on the button).

Smiling and laughing all to yourself, you can kikitiar all the way down Main Street, USA to the giant Christmas tree for the requisite picture.

And that’s how it’s done!