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Just Friends?


I have been able to cross over to being just friends with some of my exs. We might exchange a phone call or an email once every couple of months.

One such ex, a Cuban, called about a month ago. He was doing really well and starting to think about going to visit his mother in Cuba this June. He was also thinking it’s about time for him to think about kids, “Kikita, imagine how beautiful our kids would be… and wouldn’t it be great if we made them in Cuba? Come to Cuba with me! I’ll pay for everything! Then we’ll have kids and you won’t have to work!”


I let him know I was flattered, but happy with my current love interest.

He asked about the new guy and wished me the best and that was that.

Fast forward to today, my current gentleman caller went to a concert with “the boys” last night, didn’t send any pictures (but hey, it was boys night so that’s mostly understandable), and has not yet said Good Morning.

The phone rings. It’s the ex and he was singing, “I can love you like that! Kikita give me a chance! I would give you the world….”

Crap. I freaking love that song.

He asked about Mami and Abuela and “El Novio.”

He asked I was going to the Cuban Festival in San Dimas this year. (I had already decided I was.)

He sang one more time before hanging up.

I guess we aren’t just friends… at least, not for his part. It’s a good thing I lost interest in him years ago because otherwise that cheese just might work. 😉