The Red Shawl


Tuesday, November 15…
**PLEASE NOTE: There were no witnesses to the following conversation.**

Him: Is that your shawl?
Me: *blank stare* This red thing on my arm? A SHAWL? No. It’s a sweater. A shawl? REALLY? Do I LOOK like a shawl person?

Wednesday, December 14…
My Secret Santa at work gave me an orange shawl.
And I LOVED it.

Friday, December 16…
I was hunting for jewelry for my Christmas Party Dress.
I saw a bright red shawl.
It occured to me just how perfect it would be for my Party Dress.
I bought it and smiled to myself.

Friday, December 23…
One of my dance friends gave me a Christmas present.
A bright red shawl that looked exactly like the one I had just bought myself the week before.

Sunday, December 25…
My brother gave me a dark red shawl.

It would seem that not only do I LOOK like a shawl person, I AM a shawl person.
It would also seem that a certain Him has a prophetic gift.
(And it is not wise to mock prophets.) 😉

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