What I was Thinking


Now that I am the proud owner of bad ass timbales, I pity my neighbors.

I spent every spare moment practicing.

But, I’m kind of like State Farm… I’m a good neighbor. I won’t practice after 8:30 pm (ok, sometimes 9 pm) on a school night.

And I try to practice in the middle of the day on weekends.

But I’m practicing.

And my instructor could tell. Again, his face said more than his words….

Him: You’re doing REALLY good! You’re already doing better than my congas guy, and I’ve been teaching him longer!

His Face: DAAAAAAAAYYYYYUUUMMM!! Girl’s got skills! WAAAAAAY BETTER than last week!


Look out, Sheila E!

(Really, it is more like “Look our, Armand Assante!” because THIS SCENE – 11:51 – is my inspiration)

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