Today was my 2nd horsback riding lesson!

It was getting towards the end of Cherylin’s day and she said she was tired of being in the training arena so would I like to go out for a trail ride?


She introduced me to Trigger, we got saddled up and we were off!

Just two gals sitting on a couple of horses cruising through the wilderness of San Juan Capistrano. I was a little nervous because “Trig” pulled at the reins more than Leia had, but I kept him from eating anything bad for him and didn’t freak out when we crossed the little creek.

About two-thirds of the way through our ride, Cherylin mentioned that the horses liked me and that I had “a very calming seat.”

Apparently, there is this thing called an “electric seat” and if someone with one of those gets on a horse, the horse senses the person’s jitters and then the horse gets all nervous and fiesty, too. But someone with a calming seat? They make the horses feel safe and comfortable.

No sooner had she explained this to me that a squirrel made a sound that scared Trigger and he took off.

He took off, and I stopped him.


I just CALMLY pulled the reins and told him to stop and he did. The craziest part was how much I loved it! What an exhilarating feeling it was to be going fast for those split seconds! Cherylin was thoroughly impressed with how well I’d done controlling Trigger and keeping my cool. She said I was a natural equestrian.

I love it. It makes me SO HAPPY!
And, the whole time I was riding Trigger, I couldn’t get this song out of my head:

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