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Not So Happy Halloween


I have no idea what happened.
One minute I’m out dancing having a great time, going home, ignoring a mild headache, eating, and going to bed in the wee small hours of the morning… and the next minute I’m waking up with a pounding headache and can’t keep anything down.
Not even Alka Seltzer.
Not even just water.

And while my body was rejecting the sip of water I had taken, I wondered if my eyes were going to pop out of their sockets because it felt like they might.
They didn’t.
I had to call in sick.
I hate calling in sick, but I haven’t eating since Saturday night/Sunday morning and have yet to drink more than a couple of sips of water at a time.

The good news?
I was able to take the call from an old girlfriend of mine and catch up with her.
It wasn’t until we got off the phone 20 minutes later that I realized how much I’d missed talking to her.
Hopefully, we’ll get together for dinner sometime soon.

Meanwhile, I’ll go back to watching TV so that I can go back to work tomorrow.

Trail Blazing


It was another beautiful day for blazing a trail.
(Or riding on a well-worn path)
My third and final horseback riding “lesson.” I use the term loosely because we really just rode the trail. It wasn’t like there was much instruction. Just enjoying the beautiful day while sitting on top of a wild animal.
I’ve got plans to try other things so I’ll have to take a break from horseback riding.
I’m hoping to get back to it in January, though. It makes me happy, even if I’m not really an outdoorsy-type.
It’s too bad a certain Bear isn’t still around. This would have been so awesome to share with him.
Oh well… Horseback riding fear? Conquered!
What’s next?!?

I Want to Play the …


I’ve decided I want to play an instrument.

But which one?

  • Guitar? Blech. Everyone plays guitar. YAWN.
  • Piano? Hmph. I hear it’s a great starting point and a good way to learn to read music…
  • Trumpet? I’m not sure I can blow that hard. Plus, I think making that buzzing sound would tickle my lips too much.
  • Saxophone? Maybe… I really love how it sounds.
  • Violin? I did it once when I was in 4th grade, but I couldn’t wait to get to 6th grade and learn the sax (which never happened).
  • Congas? Who doesn’t want to bang on their drums all day?
  • Timbales? Because banging with sticks is more fun than just using your hands?

Or maybe I should just take singing lessons?

Back to Mambos Cafe


It takes me about an hour and a half to get from the office to Mambos Cafe in Glendale.
WITHOUT much traffic.

There is no cover charge, though. All they ask is that you have a meal. And that is not asking a whole lot because their food is so delicious.

Plus! if you ask for Café Cubano, they’ll give you an already sweetened espresso. Not many Cuban places in Southern California can boast such service.

I’ve been there 4 times. This last time, it felt like I was at a friend’s house for dinner and some other people showed up and decided to start playing their instruments and from there se formo la rumba! It really just felt like a party. The Latin jazz was as delicious as the food.

They treat me like the golden goddess that I am.

“Would you like more café, Kikita?”

“Oye, Kikita, do you know how beautiful you are?”

“Are you cold? Here, take my jacket, Kikita.”

“You’re a beautiful dancer.”

“Do you remember how to get to the freeway from here, Kikita? Why don’t you just follow me?”

“Next time, Kikita, you can just come to my house and I’ll drive you so you don’t have to drive so far by yourself.”

Cartaya’s Enclave will be back at Mambos Cafe on December 13th and they’re doing a Toy Drive.

I’ll be there, but I guess I won’t have to drive myself. 😉



Today was my 2nd horsback riding lesson!

It was getting towards the end of Cherylin’s day and she said she was tired of being in the training arena so would I like to go out for a trail ride?


She introduced me to Trigger, we got saddled up and we were off!

Just two gals sitting on a couple of horses cruising through the wilderness of San Juan Capistrano. I was a little nervous because “Trig” pulled at the reins more than Leia had, but I kept him from eating anything bad for him and didn’t freak out when we crossed the little creek.

About two-thirds of the way through our ride, Cherylin mentioned that the horses liked me and that I had “a very calming seat.”

Apparently, there is this thing called an “electric seat” and if someone with one of those gets on a horse, the horse senses the person’s jitters and then the horse gets all nervous and fiesty, too. But someone with a calming seat? They make the horses feel safe and comfortable.

No sooner had she explained this to me that a squirrel made a sound that scared Trigger and he took off.

He took off, and I stopped him.


I just CALMLY pulled the reins and told him to stop and he did. The craziest part was how much I loved it! What an exhilarating feeling it was to be going fast for those split seconds! Cherylin was thoroughly impressed with how well I’d done controlling Trigger and keeping my cool. She said I was a natural equestrian.

I love it. It makes me SO HAPPY!
And, the whole time I was riding Trigger, I couldn’t get this song out of my head:

Shameless? Or Fearless?


Them: Kikita! We heard you got up on stage and danced last night at the concert!

Me: How did you hear that?

Them: A friend of ours was there and knows who you are. He sent us a video. You’re amazing.

Me: Yes, I am amazi… there’s video?

Them: Yes, there is.