Jury Duty


Jury Duty is nothing to turn up your nose at. It should be a blast being able to participate in the judicial process.

Now, when one plans on Kikitiando their way through Jury Duty, it must be handled with the utmost delicacy.

Obviously, one must respect the court and the system and everything.
Make sure your phone is charged.
Make sure you have a good book.
Make sure you have a banana in your too-big purse. (One should always carry a banana around. It is a great conversation piece.)

Now, because we are happy to be “Serving the Community. Serving Justice.” successful Kikitiando is subtle Kikitiando.
Subtle being: Wearing a leopard shirt, a “salsa” skirt, leopard shoes, and red lipstick. Classy and sassy.

Choose a seat at the front of the room and sit cross legged, read the book, but smile at anyone who makes eye contact. Perhaps a wink here or there.

Find a good time to use the restroom and sache your way out of the room. Double-check your lipstick and sache back in and back to your seat.

With the right kind of luck, you’ll only have to sit for an hour or so. When they thank you for your service let you out early, run home, grab your swim suit, and go to the pool.

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