Love Hate Relationship


Me: So… Do I stay home and do zumba here? Or go to the gym for the kickboxing that I hate? (Oh yeah, I hate it. I spend the whole hour wondering why I’m there and when it will be over)
Him: Do the kickboxing! Learn to love it!
Me: I’m learning to hate it…
Him: Oh, you will love it.
Me: Each week I think, “I couldn’t hate this any more” and then… I do.
Him: Once you see the resuslts you will love it!
Me: The results? It’s stealing my booty! FINE. I hate you. AND the kickboxing.
Him: Awwww, don’t hate.
Me: hate
Him: No hate… only LOVE.
Me: I got your LOVE right here, buddy.
Me (to myself): LOVE??? WTF? Is he implying what I think he’s implying? Did I just get L-Bombed?

For the record: I went to kickboxing and didn’t hate it. I by no means loved it, but I didn’t hate it. 😉

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