Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Alignment of the Stars


There I was, packing my bags and planning my move. I had no idea how I was going to get from place to place once I landed in Miami, but I knew I was going because I bought my one-way ticket.

Then a bought a return ticket for a week later.

Then I was only getting calls from staffing companies in Miami.

Having run the gamut of temping, I knew very well that signing up with an agency did not mean “Welcome to the workforce!”

I was waiting on a call from my friend Amanda’s company. They needed someone who does what I do and they had told her they would call me. Patience is not one of my virtues, and I guess taking a chance on a girl they had never met and lives across the country was not one of theirs. I never got a call.

Meanwhile, the Prima who had so graciously opened up her home and couch to me had asked me to develop a “real” plan. It seems that my tension and worries surrounding the move were not successfully conveyed to her and she was doing a lot of the worrying for me. So, off I went to plan for real.

With no real job prospects and no real money to pick-up and move across the country, the best real plan I could come up with was one that involved staying in California.

But… the stars! They were aligning!

Yes, they were. I think I just read them wrong.

Instead of “I’m not moving to Miami” it is “I’m not moving to Miami RIGHT NOW.”

Without the stars lining up the way they did, Miami would still be just a dream instead of a plan. A goal. Something that is going to happen.

It’s just not happening quite yet.