I’m Going to Miami


The first time I stepped off of an airplane and into Miami I felt like I had finally come home. That was almost 8 years ago. Ever since then, I’ve desperately wanted to move there. I don’t know if I thought I couldn’t be a “real” Cuban unless I lived there, or if I just missed being in the Cuban community or what. I know that over the years my reasons have varied.

If I’m being honest, I know that originally the night life had a huge appeal for me. Now that I’m older and wiser, I have other reasons. I really do want to connect with other Cubanos. Having been born and raised in SoCal, I speak Spanish with a Mexican-accent… well, I used to. I worked hard to learn Cuban Spanish.

So, what has stopped me from just picking up and moving? I always had a reason. Every time I was laid-off or had move I thought, “Why don’t I just go Miami?” and every time I had some silly reason. For a while it was because I had a close group of friends in CA. Then it was because of a boy I didn’t want to leave (a boy who is no longer relevant). Then I found Cuban friends and didn’t feel the pull of the Miami-Cuban community the way I had before.

Now? Every single reason I’ve ever had to stay in CA has slowly been sifted away. And I’ve learned my lessons. Besides, after all these years, I still want it. If ever there was a perfect moment to get up and go, this is it.


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