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A Traditional Cuban New Year’s Eve . . . Kikita Style


This year, I was faced with a bit of a dilemma as to how to handle my New Year’s Eve.

Usually I enjoy being alone and celebrating with all the classic Cuban traditions. I eat twelve grapes, run outside with a suitcase, put money in my mailbox, wear yellow underwear (or am I supposed to wear red? I can never remember and usualy end up wearing both), dump a bucket of water out the front door, and toast to the New Year saying “El año que viene, estamos en Cuba.”

I have done the “alone” thing for years. I get all dolled up and then crack myself up trying to get all the New Year’s “business” finished in the first minute of the new year.

But I was feeling like I wanted to go OUT. I wanted to be dancing. I had no desire to kiss anyone… (in fact, I’ve never kissed anyone at Midnight on New Year’s and I knd of like it that way) I just wanted to dance!

I spent most of the day cleaning. I cleaned everything. I even mopped and saved the dirty water!

And I came up with a win-win plan: Celebrate New Year’s Eve on Cuban Time the Cuban way and then go dancing and not kiss anyone!


I was ready with my grapes and champagne and suitcase and yellow panties and at Midnight Miami Time I was cracking myself up and running around doing my thing. Afterwards, I got ready and went dancing. And since I was going to do things MY way, I switched out the two pairs of panties (one yellow and one red) for orange with white polka-dots and hot pink lace. (Hey, why not?)

I went to a nearby dance place (because I am not a fan people who drink and drive and I figured the less time I had to be on the road, the better) and found some fun people to dance with. At midnight, the gentleman I had been dancing with, much to his credit, did not try to kiss me and as soon as the next song started we were back on the dance floor.

Basically, my night was exactly what I hoped it would be which means this next year will be too, right?