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My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Collection


In true kikitiando fashion, this year I found myself fascinated by “Charlie Brown” trees.

It may have started with a crush I find myself having on a boy who went with a Charlie Brown tree for Christmas instead of a regular one, but I am thinking that was only one small and almost subconscious contributing factor. Honestly, it probably started with my roommate pulling out one to decorate our “Holiday Table.”

Next Mami had one up in her bathroom. I couldn’t get over how cute it was.

Then I went to a Christmas party and as I walked up to the front door, I noticed this . . .

I thought to myself, “Now THAT is a Charlie Brown tree,” and immediately decided to take a picture. Just as I was taking the picture, I happen to glance to the right . . . at a lovely bay window . . . and through the window, was everyone at the party, sitting in a circle, watching me take the picture. (talk about an *O’SH!* moment) I walked in to a silent room.


“Feliz Navidad everyone!”

Feeling out of sorts, there was only one thing to do: Update my Facebook status.

The Charlie Brown boy that I had a crush on decided to Facebook flirt with me. (Facebook flirting consists of witty comments back and forth on someone’s status. Remember: if it’s not witty, it’s not worth it.)

It was the Charlie Brown tree that led to my own Christmas miracle. Yes, this last tree in my collection belongs to the boy I have a crush on. He invited me over on Christmas Eve (after my big, fat, Cuban Christmas party) to watch a Christmas movie. (Not just ANY Christmas movie, LOVE ACTUALLY =D)  It was a Happy Christmas, indeed!

Thank you, Charlie Brown!



My mom is an amazing woman. She’s very crafty. (Yes, she CAN get you to do something you didn’t want to do using some clever tricks, but that’s not quite what I meant.)

The year I was born, she made my Christmas stocking. It is a beautiful stocking with incredibly detailed cross-stitch work. It is just one of the many ways she has shown her patience and love. I love my stocking. Every year during Christmas time (now that I’m older) I wonder if, when I have a family of my own, she will give me mine for my own mantel or just make all news ones.

Every one in our family has a unique cross-stitched-by-Mom stocking. And each one of us has our own unique stocking holder.

I love my stocking, but I love my stocking holder MORE. It is a little kitten that looks just Figaro from Disney’s Pinocchio. When I was very little, that was my FAVORITE movie.

It should come as no surprise, then, that my very first kitten was a black and white one.

So, I grew up with the same little kitten holding up my stocking year after year and I loved it.

That’s when the unspeakable happened. I arrived at my mother’s house to find it decorated for Christmas . . . but there was an abomination on the mantel! My darling stocking holder. My kitten. My love. Was GONE.

In it’s place? A big silver snowflake. Cold. Color-less. Lacking personality. SO. NOT. ME.

I may or may not have thrown a slight fit . . .

Mami’s defense was simply that the cat kept falling off the mantel. It couldn’t hold my stocking up anymore. Funny, though, because she seems to have found a way to make it work ever since.

No, I have no idea what happened to the snowflake. It was never seen or heard from again. =D

The Christmas Tree that Couldn’t


I have 3 roommates. One is Buddhist, one is “doesn’t believe in religion” and the other thinks “Christmas decorations are tacky.” Knowing this, I did not expect to have a Christmas tree or any other Christmas decorations in the house.

I have a little tree that Mami gave me a few years ago that I planned on putting in my room, but that’s about it. Imagine my surprise, then, when I asked one of my roommates if we were going to get a Christmas tree (while bouncing around like an excited 5-year-old) and she was excited about the plan as I was. We talked about the logistics of furniture moving to make room for this tree and then the OTHER decorations she had, etc. The we talked about when to get the tree.

Being Cuban, I remember as a kid decorating the tree on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) and then it would stay up the 12 days of Christmas until the 3 Kings were supposed to arrive on January 6th (and even then we kept it up a bit longer). Yes, we eventually started putting up the tree before Noche Buena, but never too early. We would wait until AT LEAST December 15th.

That’s great Kiki, your point?

Well, as my roommate and I discussed when we were both available to go get a tree and decorations, it became obvious the only day we could do it was NOVEMBER 30th (!).

So, on NOVEMBER 30th (!) an Asian, a black girl, and a blonde (yes, I’m the blonde here) go out to buy a Christmas tree. (Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right?) The blonde says, “How long could this take?” HA! I was dancing through the store like a happy little kid, pirouettes and everything. I would pick up the ugliest decoration I could find and tell my roommates it was a “MUST HAVE.”

Anyway, after playing and prancing through the store, we found a tree we could all agree on. I had wanted a pre-lit tree. Moments after making our decision, the black girl pointed out a slightly shorter UN-lit tree for half the price. Ok, fine . . . except . . . it was not in stock. We had a cart full of decorations for a tree that was not in stock.

Hungry. Tired. And just wanting to get home, the Asian and I made an executive decision: The black girl would go to customer service and find out if another nearby store had the tree . . . we would buy the decor and put it in the car. As we walked up to the car, there was all kinds of commotion going on. Apparently, an OLD ASIAN in an ELEMENT had been driving down the row where we were parked and hit several parked cars AFTER he had popped his tire on a curb. It had taken 3 good samaritans to stop him and call the police. Yes, he HAD hit my roommate’s car before he was stopped. So we had to wait for the police to show up. First one bike cop pulls up. Then another. Then a cruiser with two more cops inside shows up. (The question “how many cops does it take to stop an old Asian man?” comes to mind . . .)

After about an hour, the police gave my roommate the old man’s insurance information then and had his car towed. We went home. WITHOUT a tree.

Later that night, I went and got the tree we’d wanted from a different store. I went by myself. By the time I got home, I was too tired to work on the tree, so the box sat (yes, we went artificial – I didn’t want to worry about taking care of a tree or about the disposal of a very dead one later and I wanted it to last through January 6th) in the corner we had designated as the tree corner.

It, basically, sat for a week.

Over the course of the week I worked on getting it built. At the end of the week,  it was time for lights.Somehow, I was in charge of that part too . . .

Despite the enlightening romantic entanglement I had with . . . myself . . . I think it came out alright in the end. The day after I finished putting the lights up, I came home to find a finished tree. Of course they waited until the hard stuff was finished, but I don’t mind too much. Just looking at our tree makes me happy.

I ALSO found a decorated table and wall that I can only assume is our “holiday” section. It cracked me up so I decided to just embrace it:

Yes, the bow on the wall says “Happy Kwanzaa” and that is a mini-Christmas tree and the candles on the right side of the menorah are Diwali colors. 😉


I’m Jazzed.


How to properly KIKITIAR your way through a Disneyland Day:

1. Wake up to happy music (perhaps some fun Latin Jazz, otherwise Michael Franti’s “Say Hey” should do the trick).

2. Have breakfast in The Park.

Obviously, once you’ve eaten, the world really will seem like a magical place and you find yourself thinking, “This is my playground!” (If you are not feeling this then you may need to chase down the espresso and cinnamon roll with a Coca-Cola Classic.)

Yes, you are in a giant playground, but running really is not recommended. Take your time. Savor it.
Keep your eyes and ears open. There are few things more exciting than randomly bursting into giggles because of an overhead conversation. (Not running is also a really fabulous idea if your footwear is not conducive to much more than walking.)

No, you don’t have all day. So, what do you do? Holiday Stuff like watching carolers and riding any ride that has been holiday-ed-out and maybe visit a couple of your favorite places . . .

Remember, it’s a day to stroll through the park. So, if you see something happening at Carnation plaza it is likely it will be worth your while to stop by and watch. They just might play your favorite Christmas songs . . . (like THIS one)

Filled with the happiness that comes from being in the happiest place on earth and having just listened to some fun and jazzy Christmas music, it is VITAL to participate in one of the BEST games ever. The game is called “Happy Birthday-ing People.” The object of this game is to find as many people as you can wearing the big button that tells you it’s their birthday. Now, you COULD just say “Happy Birthday” to them, but it is not truly kikitiando unless you include their name (which is on the button).

Smiling and laughing all to yourself, you can kikitiar all the way down Main Street, USA to the giant Christmas tree for the requisite picture.

And that’s how it’s done!